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Who We Serve

Our clients are pre retirees, retirees and professionals from across the country. They come to us with significant assets and from diverse backgrounds [civil service employees, public utility and steel mill employees and entrepreneurs], but they are all motivated to secure their retirement income with a sound financial strategy. With this in mind, we create a plan utilizing five financial cornerstones: tax efficient investing, professional portfolio management, retirement income planning, estate planning and insurance planning.

Over the last twenty years many of our clients initially came to us as tax clients and transitioned into wealth management clients. However, today we serve mainly pre and post retirees, as well as, clients who have experienced a life altering event. Today our clients have already accumulated significant wealth and seek retirement strategies that will provide confidence for their futures. Because of our first name basis relationship with our clients, we only take new clients from referrals of our existing clients or pre or post retirees with significant assets in access of $100,000.